I will never love a man should not love

In fact, there are many people in this life pass by passing in the vast sea, in the life of the passenger car forward, everyone is short-lived band together with each other passengers to their end will bid farewell to this short journey . I do not know how much this world will make an exception, but I can not deny acquaintance with her freshwater pearl earrings, but those passing the exception, perhaps the first exception to my life. Also my last time, should not fall in love with a man, apparently is so sad.

You should not fall in love with a man's love is so painful, because you already know the outcome will be very sad, or to pretend to be strong love, and may in the process will be very happy in love, may be short-lived happiness will make you forget all the troubles, but the final outcome is going to break up. Now I came to understand and love a person should not love, is so helpless, perhaps his love heart tired! It may be your own heart hurt too deep. Gradually they would understand, and I miss the taste of a person like myself enjoy a glass of flavor in the silence of the night, but with a touch of bitter coffee as drink Finally, Amethyst earrings although the remnants of a glycol tongue, but it can never taste sweet inter arrived in the heart, but never let it warm my heart is not cool, not lonely.

Now, I spend every day for a long period of time to remember who we share together, happy, sad, obsessed, happy too, lost too ...... Finally we missed. A day to remember with a sad mood, let those feelings of pleasure should also become extraordinarily sad together. Perhaps this is just a cruel memories disguised punishment, a friend told me to face the reality of the past, let him past it! Yes ah! I would also like ah, I also want him to delete from my memory, but your shadow but often still appear in my mind, so I originally thought that a calm mind, but produce ripples.

Remember when we met you in this winter, and now the end of the winter yet. Brief happiness, from the strange to the acquaintance - knowing each other - love - end - strange! ! Could it be that this is the cyclical nature of love it? I know that we love the day, I do very little to you, I did not do the kind of man you want, I can not pay it because I do not love you. I do not want love, nor is not love, I'm just afraid it will hurt after loved.

Remember our love short time. So pessimistic before I began to let myself learn to face everything. With a smile every day to face you. When I want to really go to continue all the time. I do not know what the reasons are, you suddenly make me let go. You said you thought of a quiet little life, I did not think, decisive agreed. I knew then continue to just smile trampled the. So you say you do not want to become a stranger, I say that since not continued. Completely points. I do not want to drag his mind to leave the shadow. No way, I am a person choose to return home. In those days there is no amount of anguish in my heart I will not let myself to someone else said. I prefer not to contact you. While your numbers are so familiar, I have repeatedly control himself. I do not want you to make their own, every day I try to keep yourself busy. I still remember which one to contact you because that day I was really too sad. Can not find the object of telling. That time I thought you were my friend

During this time, quiet, shut himself in the house all day, do not go out, the family said came to my house before, always smelt of beer flavor, Acacia, off the pain, grief at the moment can not express this in words, only rely on alcohol to numb the brain, nerve paralysis. Drunk only touching the body uncomfortable. Stomach discomfort, swollen brain, only at this moment to make myself not to think that man! That night, knowing not drink, knowing that could not withstand the alcohol Kuangjin! When not help it, let them go after the break and would rather let yourself crazy time, Hugh footer can temporarily relieve the pain of the sting of the soul! You actually have to lie to me nuskin hk, why not frankly to one, let me pain completely, lose clean, I'd rather silly one, love a person is really done! Is in love with a man should not love, then can one think about it, they understand themselves why not turn away, take me the memories, buried Cangzaixinli, let this strange storm in the dispersion. From far apart, each looking for their own happiness, and this is in love with a man should not love, the voice of it. Whenever I miss you, I will open our previous chat records, no matter what kind of content, and my heart has always been kind of a sweet feeling; every time because I wanted you to see the hazy you in a dream, I will do not want to wake up, wake up just afraid you'll leave; whenever I think of you when I lay a series of questions on the phone, but did not press the button to send the final, but because of fear of hook your memories!

In fact, my love is very simple, that I fell in love with a man should not love, no matter how their own to persuade myself that I still hesitate, because when you are determined to love a person, no longer care about the so-called right or wrong, so, I told myself, to keep you going. Reluctant to himself guarding a secret, do not want our tragedy is so doomed, had to give up, even if two people are sad, there is no way,

Now, I think of you my heart is in pain! Loved is not going to forget, forget it is not love! If one day you could walk into my world, you will cry, because there are all you give grief; if one day, I can walk into your world, I will also cry, because there are all your care. Not because of fear of losing but choose not to have nuskin hk, but because it simply can not give up. You do not want to do anything, you do not want to give up, just wanted to let you know.

This city people too cold, too fragile a result, I am left alone, a man walked too many tears kept turning. Who loves save down to me, my heart so cold, waiting for you to hurt, but you still do not understand. Cold rainy night in and wanted to hug you, take care of everything just to make you one. My heart is so cold, waiting for you to hurt, hate myself no use, there is no one like me, it hurts too much, heart no one can say, my pain, who understands? Can not wait forever in love with a man is what kind of taste it? Dream to find him thousands of Baidu, the idea of ​​what that person is in the dim lights. Such a conception of life if I ever be able to appreciate it, I will never fall in love with a man should not love.