A spring of implicit

I also am inadvertently found that the floret, at this time has been close to the spring season. The other day on dynamic wintersweet, cercis chinensis, magnolia, also have the like of the decline. Sometimes a spring breeze gently blows over Dream beauty pro, there will be groups of petals fell rustling, quite a bit of a woman's sad feeling.

I don't know why you have a special liking to this unknown flowers, it is neither in the hazy beauty of wintersweet, also does not have the enthusiasm of the Chinese redbud and luxuriant, less white yulan pure elegance. Instead, it was surprisingly little, like snowflakes random bead falls in that short a clump of bushes. But I always feel that it has a different Yu Changhua unique beauty, this beauty simple nature, leisurely and reserved. This beauty attracted me, let me always stop when every time he passed it around leaned forward see it. I dare not to say that I am not a well-known flowers there, I can only say that every time I see it all, strangely familiar and cordial feeling, my heart there is always a faint moved and envy.

At first, I also just because of his surprise surprise, also because of this surprise and wonder I didn't go to look at these flowers. Although I don't know its name (perhaps it from beginning to end have no our own name), but I want to see the shape of it carefully, until the petite morphology deeply imprinted in my heart, so that I can recall it sometimes erratically in the future. Its appearance is really nothing special, such as flowers, common pieces as thin as cicada gathered up petals strewn at random, the pale yellow flowers surrounded by the center. But the color of the petals is less of a single, whole looks yellow egg, but each piece of the middle and a little lovely "sunset", Dream beauty pro like carefully compose a beauty spot.

Accompany me to eat friends together for a while the flowers, then muttered to himself: "yo, how the flowers are all low head down open? Strange!" Friend is not deliberately said to me, but I listen to live like discovered the new world. Doesn't, it's no wonder that this flower not easy to be found, a look at carefully, they all like the modesty of bamboo leaves his little head deeply hid in the following. Show little shyness face how like they look like the color of beautiful girl! Beauty so humble implicitly, the poor and the honorable flowers, I really couldn't restrain to praise them!

Spring is belong to the season of flowers, in this season, all the flowers can be unashamed, precipitated himself released the vitality of all through the winter. Flowers have enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, rushed to a new, want to work hard to show their most beautiful side, in order to impress the people's praise and favor. While the little flowers stand out even some maverick. They just partial, blooming in the corner quietly trying not to disturb anyone. They also do not take part in the flowers were competition, is afraid of his stature petite humble and dare not go to the competition? I don't think so. You see them so bright and warm, a bit not as inferior as those famous flowers, but they are low head, Dream beauty pro not to look up envy those tall flowers, they bowed their heads and pour a bit narcissistic lofty of tai.

However, they in implicit again revealed a confident, believe in their own unique beauty, don't do a useless. They don't envy also not much self-contempt, just stick to their own personality, indifferent calm, quiet well. But their low head isn't afraid of can't get others' appreciation? And, of course, they crave appreciation and praise, but they are not self-conscious "deliberately to please others, in order to get those vulgar shallow of praise. So they would rather choose quiet, lonely waiting, waiting for really appreciate your understanding friend. Perhaps they will this waiting is a long way off, because, although there are a lot of people every day through their side, but as each of them in a hurry, low head along the road, for the other. Them rushed ahead is nothing more than to pursue fame and fortune, to satisfy his never endless desire. They just a heart, but don't know to stop and enjoy the scenery along the way, spring is coming, I don't know whether they know, let alone to find, the appreciate such a bunch of small flowers. But so what, they just want to on these people find a unique here, like they don't have to get busy, even if waiting for a lifetime. Their search for the attitude of the like xu zhimo looking for true love, I hope HKUE ENG, not my life, that's all.

Besides, even if finally all the knowledge, they still want to bloom, he showed his open, open for spring, for their own good, silently contributing to this season with a unique scenery, not is also very good? The respectable and lovely flowers on this beautiful and implicative deep spring scenery, let it after the gorgeous flowers to insipid, still keep their own unique profile, calmly confident continue to blossom.