In the hands of a falling autumn leaves

After school some day, deal with a lot of work, finally has a few belong to own holiday. Morning trying to open your sleepy eyes, hear the rustle of the drops of rain, on the occasion of the double ninth festival, accompanied by rain, not very true beauty. Hence arose out interior, lights out, closed the door gently, HKUE ENG to follow the pace of the rain.

Road side trees leaf as wanton swaying autumn wind demanding, began sweating just hit the little grass under the tree on the slender leaves, make the grass is also associated with the weight of cool air, under the push of littering struggle, when the autumn wood already yellow gradually. A light rain was falling, and also less sound.

Weekend morning, alongside the slightly cool autumn rain playground, looks very empty, in the wilderness, the stranger feel from time to time. At home there, be fond of play in the field of play, feel the broad bosom of nature. Parasitic in the modern metropolis of the surge of pedestrian traffic, this beautiful love beauty, is in comfort. A person's playground, runway from time to time by the invisible power exceptionally long there will be a few unknown birds over the desert air. Pacing in long runway, but to give up all of chores to be close to nature... Occasionally there are so few unknown birds, stays on the lawn, stop to mesoscopic, is very comfortable.

Don't know what is the name of the bird, skillfully dancing with orange claws, rummaging through the law on the lawn, from time to time to flip her clever neck, raised his head, muttering a couple of them that big round eyes, look around the slight change, in order not to disturb their interest, I am still the old umbrella, walked with me in nearby, squat down. Seems they also notice me, but I see no action culturelle, no threat to them, and then continue to repeat the skilled movements. But occasionally, will also raise your head and guru. Suddenly remind of a painting of flowers and everyone's words: "clever, of birds and flowers of scrutiny, wonderful also don't know its Chinese conversely."

From time to time, faint voice of uproar, asymptotic... About six or seven people, men and women classmate comes high, frolicking voice broke the rare quiet. And after a flock of birds frightened, wing, pull the other pleasure.

Then got up and walked with an umbrella through the one on the bottom of small bodies to move on, and pay attention to the is surrounded by her cooling rain ravaged a branches and leaves, flowers and plants, and occasionally a few unknown bird, don't have a taste, as this, if have initiated fall of Yu Xuan silks, coupled to a masterpiece. A layer of autumn is cool. By falling in the hands of the autumn leaves, did not have imagination? Vegetation and is the result of natural, human, as well. Man is a subjective individuals, there will always be ups and downs of mood change, but everything will gone with the wind, don't need to worry. Every morning, is a new beginning, efforts to live for today culturelle, tomorrow will be better.

"We are all in all the experience of witnessing all, accidentally, in all the happenings, finally we late years, write all the vicissitudes of life." Along the familiar runway walk a few times, with the ups and downs of mood, perception of everything...