No season to himself

Sunshine through the leaves of aperture, filled the air with you pass my eyes light sadness. Good time accustomed to wait for the emergence of you, my hand the pen rod, write the three hundred and sixty-fifth day of missing under the locust tree, it is lazy lying in the small and a little big on a notepad, enjoying of tears and smiles Dream beauty pro.

In this silent spring, birds singing, just quiet, soft, and the nature, but along with the gender. On a piece of paper about youth, I wrote a day of surprise, the prediction of the day, speculation, joy, anxiety and sadness, write down you have dated the flavor of the sun from me, write me today, for you may like you put on new clothes, and I like the blue, blue sky, blue flowers, and blue spring, yes, I also want to attach himself already quietly at the end up good for you, only myself know exclusive said, and then fold it into a small, small, about you and my paper boat, stay when you are going to stay up late, quietly, silently pray for you on the most beautiful, pray that it can follow the missing fed rivers, float to you still have not seen in the distance, a I give you my silly, silly smile Dream beauty pro.

Let yourself one day one of the most spectacular time just belongs to you, I hope all of your everything has nothing to do with sadness. The afternoon sun is always blue, dazzling for precocious little roadside kapok, their enthusiasm, and they bring me flowers. Looking forward to you will pass through here, looking forward to the birds singing in the shade will bring you a day of good mood, Dream beauty pro looking forward to tomorrow of tomorrow, the grain of the seeds I sowed as early as last spring, when you pass quietly, quietly sprout, and then the beautiful flowers, emitting fragrance, like yours every day so that I can smell the fragrant flowers to quietly write down a line, a line and a line of thoughts, poems about you. In the day to day no season to himself, the only thing I like to do is still secretly every day, secretly hide in a corner you may never see, an uneasy grass, like the wind in oft frequent season, so look at you, so can not touch you no look at you, so close to the leaf, far away from you looking at you, then silent happiness, finally silent tears, silent injured HKUE amec...