A jade

There is always a kind of feelings is difficult to give up, always have a kind of charm is lower than the heart. Perhaps like beautiful delicate and mean long things, so will China custom of ancient sweet patina love at first sight. Revel in the range of the green flag, tree-lined streets with retro lamps; Water is located in the favour, sophisticated chic faint GuTing; Enamored of tiles wall, wen wan refined waterside pavilion attic; Have a crush on exquisite beautiful, Dream beauty pro trousseaux flavor-dense woman, also like in a paper ink, salvage is exquisite, cool and refreshing thick ancient meaning.

"Bao bun yao Dan, qiao yan makeup, natural green mei red deep." Nowadays, more and more people are looking forward to return uncut jade to put in Jane's life, the pursuit of the Perilla said "human relish is QingHuan" state, at the same time, also to strong and not depressing, quietly elegant and charm of classical culture becomes more and more love. In my spare time, maybe men will cook tea drinking wine, splash-ink, picking up in the sound of wind, edify sentiment, and witty woman will draw slices since morning, yellow to lens applique, favours a hair clasp is exquisite, a soft smoke, and of beauty.

More hair for the ancient, the heart always have a kind of ineffable, Dream beauty pro that kind of soul-stirring beauty, just one eye, it is difficult to give up again. Which can both roughly, and miss, there will be a belongs to own hair, "female to yue oneself person look", or for the man I love and wear, or as a token of promise, acacia, embodies the "heart a wisp of hair cocoa, as jun qiao lock lovesickness", by using a fine workmanship, lock each other's fate wan into acacia, since wood bone lingering, love very deep. Or just in order to add a mood, looking for a few minutes of huan ooze, reveal a kind of temperament.

More hair love which is not only its implied meaning is various, also sings the elaborate workmanship, clean and elegant the style of the material and the list goes on. Son of a large family of women's meeting with the finest gold texture, while ordinary people miss the attic will choose celadon, or ebony copper material.

Whatever the quality of a material, however, do not affect the wonderful artical excelling nature, fruity is collected fully clever meticulous carving. Among them, the most common style, should be dragon playing pearl, red phoenix in morning sun, flowers exhibition yan, bee dancing butterflies fly, these are not just women's dress and essential when decorate, Dream beauty pro is also good lucky for you, after a storm comes a calm, auspicious symbol of happiness.

Crush on a thing and crush on a kind of feelings. Light Chinese wind, faint ancient feeling, in my spare time, the best state of mind, is a plain cheongsam, oblique inserted a exquisite jade hairpin, in qing ling Ming xiang chun, connect the years static good. How not to live artificially, only for a graceful and restrained and ﹑ emotion, appropriate placed in my heart.