I love you

But, my dear, my love for you is it?

Do you understand? I always stubborn and selfish to think that you hurt me.

Have you ever wondered, when you are tired hair transplant hong kong, my pains.

Have you ever thought that when you're sick, I Loving care.

Have you thought about when you're sad, I broke our hearts.

You can not think, I often think of you in silence, inexplicably care of you. The best of my might warm you.

These, you can not think,

You can not think, I almost crumbled in tears,

You can not think, I almost snapped spirit nuskin,

You can not think, I almost painful reincarnation,

You can not think -

My love for you, in exchange for my frustration. I love you longer than the horizon, should be fine than Jinzan.

These days, I often worried about, namely that day.

I am anxious, I Jiji forward, it is a kind of torment ah! My suffering is not leaving, but after the pain of parting.

Put a man loaded in memory, is a grieving process, I can not put you stacked in my memory, because you often come to my mind, you seem to air, light and agile to nourish my heart you seem to blood flowing honest in my whole body.

One day when you mature, even forget me nuskin hk, I will be far away, deep miss you.

One day when I'm old, even if you forget the look, I will always called together a good woman, rooted in my heart.

Snow winter is the cold, but white; once I was wandering, but warm.

He To You, can heart out. I order you, can speak broken heart. I am ordinary, but simple, tough, persistent, housekeeping, talent.

I know everything will be like clouds, instantly dissipated, in this silence of the night, I want to tell you is that I long for you shred.

I hope you are happy, you believe it nuskin hk, I put your heart to replace the soil, it is only suitable for growing happy, the sad kind of go, it will wither, will wither.

You know what to cultivate the soil of your heart those happy, right? I pray for you, care, warmth and hope, that I can not see you all the time everywhere, but there is the earnest care.

I'm tired, I hope my two rows of hot tears, will walk through your heart. Hopefully my heavy sigh, will warm your memories.

Hopefully, this life, and you, together! Together!

Because love you, but for the engraved in the heart.