Learn to live, learn

Childhood, we'll lives entrusted to their parents, attentive to us when the baby's parents as loving care jimmy wong, shoots a day in the life of his mother's arms in the long leaf flowering.

At school, we will be entrusted to life teacher, teacher to motherly love, nourishing enrich our lives, teach us to learn how to learn, learn to live, learn.

When they are sick, we will life entrusted to a doctor, a prescription, a few pills, a surgery hair transplant, they determine a person's safety.

When unjustly aggrieved, we will life entrusted to judges, thorough and meticulous investigation, impartial judgment, will make a loss of human survivor.

Renzailvtu, we will be entrusted to the driver lives, we are not the masters of their fates, prayed silently up the road safely.

Both in love, when into the marriage hall, the life entrusted to their love of each other, insist on waiting nuskin hk, ups and downs, each other, life together.

Life is composed by numerous entrust the lives entrusted to others is the greatest trust in others. Therefore, we have to be kind to others and must not live up to the high hopes which both eyes, because life is too delicate flower, and stand up to bad luck hit the slightest mistake nuskin hk, he drifted off to do nothing.