Years heart is tainted with Autumn

Cool wind, blowing wrinkled a pool of still water, lazy clouds, then idle contentment in the air free, and that a red sorghum, dyed the sky, partridge's crowing in the ethereal singing Ōwa. Dough lying on hay alone, picked up the years of memories, and my heart with thoughts of bitterness graffiti, Dream beauty pro hard sell in this golden autumn in Montreal, years of contaminated heart Autumn.

That refreshing cool coolness, soaked atrium, in this season, so the words are pale, so the feeling of feeling desolate, only that there is also filled with lovestruck eyes golden. Autumn brings, such as gold-like thoughts, feelings withered like leaves, shallow years, swallowed up as China's rings, leaving Yela like emotion. In this wind Yela Lane, who warm up my chest, who cold in my heart, that over and over again to be torn feelings, in the autumn wind kept whispering, I do not know when it can eliminate this restlessness?

Autumn is a season of falling pregnant, when the eye in Yela limp walk in alpine, thoughts will be soaring at this time, the dream will come together in this. So, you became my life continues, Dream beauty pro hard sell and that the window of the night night scattered mind, you can not touch that has become the scenery, the warmth of my life. Wind is you ah, leaves me, at this leaf season are ripe, the mind wandering the nostalgic with Yela, leaving a wait. In this touch of dry Kaori, put pen to paper to write down your story is, this millennium into the everlasting purpose of looking into me, this constant waiting, Yang Kai osmanthus fragrance.

Montreal floating white flowers, pale Things Past, intoxicated by a curtain illusion, dip the autumn wind memories. Italian long withered heart, you're in my heart forever carved, elongated corner waiting, extending over the years innumerable twists and turns bitter. Wind, and Yela, tears out, you come and go. Who reminders Yela? Who blew Leila? Who told you to come and go? ...... Stand up, roll autumn, Autumn off a corner, writing, a ray of Acacia, Yin, some feelings, express, filled love, horse, Red, I'm waiting for you on the road years. Years shallow, waiting for open heart became pale flowers, looking at this heart full path to spend mentality, pray, who gently depress?

Pick up, Shou pen one, drop, leisure chapter, a graceful turn one thousand poems; and so on, yellow Yela, punctuality, cold clear autumn, dream, floating down the fragrance, read, brilliant a haunting, you, the warmth of my life. Autumn, if not from me, I would not abandon you, you, or abandon me, I would for you. Although loneliness often blinded my eyes, but in my dreams often met you, cooking a pot of Acacia, red in the dream, opened in the heart, melt in the life inside.

Over the years, failed to keep the moonlight, month, came and went, fleeting, failed to keep the years, you come away also. Leaned over, picked up one broken moonlight, round the circle can not dream. Get up, pick up Lost years, leaving no one left you. Point a light heart, the scattered thoughts in mind, the inventory in the heart, there is no autumn color of the season, you are in my heart, no makeup Red, you disc in my apex. Wild flowers, the flowers silent, autumn, a trace Dream beauty pro, moonset, also silent, who is in love time met who, who made a nest in the world where the situation is.

After the meet, rub a shoulder, after nest, flew away, rubbing shoulders after the road, muddy but sentimental, days after fly away, but totally muddy, no autumn season is a pity, do not you be a shortcoming years . When the fall of the old, time will give a greeting autumn, when the days grow old, I'll give you a waiting, things change, the silent years, in this golden time in Montreal, and I ran together with years horizon, looking for that life visibly moved scenery, until the end of time, the highest power.

Like you, read you, still see you!