In the mind of the distance

Wipe the sunset sky, just like drink the rose wine show their own beauty, still quietly to the hearts of people, make the mind piaoxiang distant place.

Life on the way, very little flat, and trouble, pain, shame but sometimes, if there is a distance heart, hong thai travel will find life is not pale, even can present a multicolored colour.

Really is like this: sometimes, in adversity, just want to get comfort from a distance, it is because distance which is so close to the heart, so that wait for mood, like waiting for a lotus blooming quietly piety.

In the distance, I believe that there are a lot of people have an once to know each other deep in the hearts of people, some even with a similar life experiences, also for themselves in the way of miss, think these, even in the ends of the earth will be connected with each other. Spreading the warmth, even two desolate heart, also can close to each other, each other for warmth. Thought of these, the beautiful things in the heart not only, also can give us a close feeling, also can give us in the distance a kind of hazy beauty!

Sometimes, people want to change our living environment, the in the mind have the distant yearning. Lure free time think of beauty in the distance, can provoke a struggle, has no matter no matter how distant journey, the road ahead will be trials and hardships. Why is this? That's because the distance of tomorrow, for the future, there is a vision of a kind of happiness! The vision of a happy life may be can give comfort, perhaps in front of life can show tender!

That distant gentle like a gentle breeze, like sweet fragrance, gently brushed the dust in our own minds, once lit the myriad poetry between heaven and earth, it will not be for a court to fragrance, a mask all spring break.

The distance is a picture, with streams flowing, Bridges the somebody else, the soft soft undress in the lake, a voice of mountain stream, the fog color the hazy mountain scenery, hong thai travel have a romance with mountains and waters, with silver dance with a smile, and millions of veils... These are all you can feel the artistic conception.

That people in faraway places, stop the radiance of a scene of flowers, a sleeve of faint scent, moist feelings, with a red disc, overlooking a smile in the distance, that sweet smile, please yourself, also please himself away in his heart; That people in faraway places, hand after being a student nurse to plunge into the twenty needle has yet to find a blood vessels, but he is still with a smile to encourage the little nurse continue to his firm, it is because he thought of his distant daughter after graduating from university, the first patient to treat his daughter also like him; The young woman who work in the distance, each time saw the old man actively pull open heavy iron gate to let the old man in and out of convenience, it is because she thought about the distance home elderly mother, also will encounter people like her own mother pulled the heavy iron gate!

Many people far away, with his former friends, are the quiet and sweet, bowed their heads and chuckled, even your breathing and heartbeat feeling is all so clear, the heart has been fixed in the dusty memory, instant those good things should quietly blooming in your heart, slowly, and quietly playback.

Actually, everyone far away friends or classmates, and their mood, feel the beauty of a hazy in the distance, all want to each other on the branches of spring sowing hope, in the autumn harvest happiness on the branches, in the spring of the earth flying dream, in the autumn harvest success in the field. If your heart in the distance, he (she) heart is in the distance, let the distant kiss the hopes and dreams and reality!

Sometimes, we thought that the question may appear deviation is very big, feel the real happiness is somewhere else. The scenery elsewhere, life elsewhere, and even emotional elsewhere, as if standing in the distance a escapist can moisturize, became the temptation of ideal, in fact, this view is only found in an illusion of sweet.

Beauty in the distance, it is a strange feeling to your beauty; Design and ideal is always beautiful, Dream beauty pro and the distance is a design, emotional life pursuit of the ideal life.

Every one's heart, there is a beauty of the distance, if the heart has a lamp, you will get a remote and close feeling, make your life more fulfilling, fun, make oneself flying dream, with expanding.

Wipe the sunset sky reluctant to say goodbye to me, seem to also want to add a few drops of tears, but I was still gaze afar, thinking of those who once and you meet people, and the men of his own life are talking and laughing together, do not know to who, like me, whisper a word, the far-away place of you, ok?