Shadow play in hometown

What impressed me most childhood years in addition to the outdoor movie is shadow play.

Settling in, choose a small garden in the village, shadow play on the screen, listen to the leather babbles singing troupe on a few segments, is also a funny thing happened. Look how is shadow of the elderly uncles aunt, and the young gaps. I was full of curiosity. Simply could not stand the taste of e. i., pull those uncompleted child to screen after watching, I saw the sing of shadow pinched her throat with the hand carry his voice, the voice sharp, harsh. We listened to a few words of fart dian fart of running tales to the ear. Mother said that is art, Dream beauty pro is the sound, tone, cavity.

My grandma's wife is a famous film actor, but were not seen again on the stage since married my grandma's, is the husband's family tutor, still busy to remember. In all but light, occasionally with his wife, his wife just laugh it off.

Listen to the old people, the shadow of the song to discharge all the puppets chin, heard that don't go, Dream beauty pro will be lost. The charming legend let me one summer is full of fantasy, occasionally the night sleep deeply, a nightmare, cry lost spirit can't sleep.

Good looking, over the years, the country rarely put shadow play, good miss that day, the temptation of the ZhaiZhai little screen window. Courtyard leisurely cordate telosma, autumn insects make sing, shadow break travel to hit, and in the green flag Sir Taps the bowl of a pipe.

Everything, walked away, nu skin hong kong can't see, won't be able to catch.